What happens if my car documents are lost or stolen?

Firstly report the loss or theft by denuncia (formal statement) to your local Police or Guardia if easier.

To obtain a duplicate of the ficha técnica you would first need to establish what type your vehicle has. The older style green Ficha Técnica be it in A4 size or A5 size or the new style white Ficha Técnica.

If you have the older style green Ficha Técnica then you would need to go your nearest ITV testing station and request a duplicado de la ficha técnica (log book). They will require a copy of the owners proof of identity and a copy of the Ficha Tecnica if you have ones. If the ITV on the car has expired this will be to be completed at the same time. The new ficha técnica can take weeks to come back! – however if you have got the Police Denuncia and the vehicle has passed ITV then you are fine to drive while sorting everything out.

If you have the newer style white Ficha Tecnica then you would need to obtain the duplicate from the DGT office in Santa Cruz or online via your digital certificate and just simply print off another copy.

The permiso de circulación has to be requested from the DGT office in Santa Cruz again they will require proof of the owners identity and you will need to pay the fee for the duplicate document. They will however print the new document and hand it to you whilst you are there. You can also apply for a duplicate online via a digital certificate however you would then need to wait for the document to come via the post so make sure the address is correct.

Replacing Car Documents is a costly and time-consuming process so whilst you are obliged to have all original documents in the car with you when you are driving, some people prefer to take them with them when they leave the vehicle anattended. At the very least you should have photocopies kept in a different place to the originals as this will help when making your report to the Police.

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