Car sales/Purchase checklist

Making sure the vehicle is either in your name officially (or removed from your name if you are selling) is a more complicated process in Spain than it is in the UK


Photocopies of:

  • NIF
  • If non Spanish: White NIE in date plus Passport
  • Or certificado de registro plus passport
  • Or TIE

Originals of:

  • Ficha Técnica (car log Book)
  • Permiso de Circulación matching the name of the documents above – this is to make sure the person who is selling is actually the regsterd owner
  • Receipt of previous years  rodaje (road tax)
  • Details of Current Address

The seller should request a copy of the new Permiso de circulacion to show the vehicle has been transferred within the month allotted time from the date of signing of the contract.



  • NIF
  • Or if non Spanish: White NIE in date plus Passport OR EU citizen certificado de registro plus passport OR TIE. If the address on the buyers residence documentation is not their actual address  OR if they only have a white non resident’s NIE document then a CURRENT  certificate of empadronamiento for residents or for none residents then Escritura OR Rental Contract is also required.
  • Both parties must sign a Compraventa (Bill of Sale in Spanish – this is generated by the same program as the modelo 620)  DO NOT enter a price – you must telephone or use the 620 programme to get the official book price confirmed.
  • Both parties sign the application to transfer and sign the authority documents to act on buyer and seller’s behalf
  • Modelo 620, Be ready to pay the transfer tax of 5.5 % of the book value of the car or 115 euros minimum (whichever is the greater) which is submitted to the Administración Tributaria Canaria,  plus 56 euros (except mopeds €29) for Trafico fees plus gestor fees if applicable. Note transactions at Trafico are strictly by appointment only.

IMPORTANT: Before applying for a change in ownership of the vehicle you will need to cancel any restriction on the vehicle use that might be recorded in the Registry of Personal Property, unless the Finance Company gives its express consent.  Pay any sanctions imposed by traffic infringements recorded in the Registry of Vehicles. Pay the Road CirculationTax for the previous year.

Because of this we would strongly advise; The purchaser to also obtain a report on the vehicle from Trafico before buying – cost on the internet around 35 euros (less in person by appointment). This will include

  • whether the vehicle is authorised to be driven on the road
  • Expiry date of ITV
  • Leans or embargoes which would impede the transfer of the vehicle into the purchaser’s name


An ITV is the Spanish equivalent of an MOT you can book an appointment on line (in English) here

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