Exchange of Green Residence Certificates for new Biometric TIE cards for British Nationals

It is important to note that British Citizen holders of an EU Citizen Green Registration Certificate either A4 size or green paper size have no legal obligation to do anything at the moment unless they wish to. The green documents are completely valid for now. Having said that at local level some officials are now refusing to accept the green paper as it states that the holder is an EU citizen. So it may make sense to exchange now for your own convenience.

Spanish Migration Minister (Ministerio de Inclusión, Seguridad Social y Migraciones) Hana Jalloul has spoken out to encourage British Residents of Spain to exchange their Green Residence Certificates for the TIE plastic residence card and says extra staff and appointments are being arranged at the Extranjerias across Spain.

Link to Interview Video also

Exchange process:

You would need to a make link to appointment system here

Chose your province then the office – exchanges can only be done at CNP (Police offices) New Applications only at Extranjería offices

After you chose location, select the “Brexit” option

Once you’ve selected the office you will need to follow the on screen options filling in your personal information. Once you reach the final screen be sure to CONFIRM the appointment via the code texted to the mobile number provided or the appointment will not be created.

Application forms required.

modelo 23

790 payment form

If you require assistance with the changeover of your Green certificate please contact us.

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