Many medications can not be purchased without a prescription either from a Private doctor or from your Spanish National Health service GP.

In Spain National health prescriptions are partly paid for by the patient.

A co-payment system of contributing towards the cost of prescriptions was introduced in July 2012. Most people, including UK pensioners, will be required to pay a percentage of the cost of their prescription medication. Co-payment will be handled by each autonomous community, so processes may differ slightly between regions.
The amount each person pays will depend on annual income (proved by annual tax declaration) and individual situation. The table below provides a basic overview of what residents will be expected to contribute.
Various treatments are not available by Nayional Health prescription in Spain, meaning these will now have to be paid for in full. Speak with your pharmacist for further information and to discuss all options available to you.

Annual income Social situation % of contribution Capped at:
Less than €18,000 Working Age 40% No capping
State Pensioner and Patients with cronic illnessesses 10% €8/month
Between €18,000 and €100,000 Working Age 50% No capping
State Pensioner 10% €18/month
Over €100,000 Working Age 60% No capping
State Pensioner and Patients with cronic illnessesses 60% €60/month