Cars on finance

If you have purchased a new or second hand car here in Spain on finance, then the car registration will have placed a block against it called a “reserva de domino“. This is to safeguard the finance company or the bank against the car being sold whilst the finance is unpaid.

Upon finalising the finance the register has to be cleared. Some finance houses and banks do this process automatically however the vast majority leave it up to the purchaser to clear the block. This reserva de domino is registered in the “Registro de Bienes Muebles (register for movable goods)” and has to be cleared from there.

To enable the register to be cleared, the person or persons whom are named on the finance contract will need to request a “Carta de Pago o Carta de Levantamiento” from the finance company or bank. Some companies will send you a digital version (signed electronically) via email and others will post an original document to you. This can take up to 45 days.

Once you have the “Carta de Pago o Carta de Levantamiento” the original document needs to be presented in your nearest Registro de Bienes office. The Registro will require you to complete a form requesting the annulment of the block and for you to pay a fee. The Registro then have a 3 working day turnaround to clear the register. Once this has been cleared the car can then be transferred or alternate finance can be requested.

To find your nearest Registro de Bienes office follow this link .

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