Digital Certificates – What are the benefits?

What is a digital certificate?

A digital certificate is an electronic means of identifying yourself online, basically your online TIE, Green Residencia or DNI. With this digital document you are able to carry out many transactions that would normally require a physical visit to places of authority, much quicker and without the need to leave your home.

How do I obtain one?

To obtain a digital certificate a code has to be generated from the FNMT web site. Once this is received you have to visit either a Town Hall, Hacienda or Cabildo office to identify yourself with your original documents and passport where applicable. The link to download the certificate will then be sent to the email provided in the online application and needs to be downloaded to a computer, with some simple free software to install and use. The certificate is valid for 5 years at which time it can be renewed by the same method. It is always a good idea at this point to create a copy when prompted.

What can I do with this certificate?

Once installed correctly you can obtain online, certificates of Empadronmiento, Convivencia and Viaje online from your Town Hall free of charge. You can consult your situation with the Seguridad Social, Hacienda, Trafico to name but a few. You can present your Annual Tax return Declaración de la Renta and the certificate has many other uses.

Can I receive correspondence electronically?

Yes, this is one of the most useful functions of the certifícate as it enables you to receive all communications that would normally be sent (often by registered post ) by post, involving a trip and a queue at the post to collect said letter. This can also stop interest and fines on top of the required fine as you are receiving them in time and able to pay within the required period.

You can also set up a Carpeta Electrónica (an electronic post box) where you would be notified by e mail or text message when a letter has arrived

What if I am not Resident?

You can still apply for a digital certificate as a Non Resident but most Town Halls will not verify your identity so this normally has to be done at the Hacienda office.

How safe is a digital certificate?

A digital certificate is a secure way of carrying out transactions and often your Gestor/Gestoria or Economista etc will ask for one, to ensure that they can access all information on your behalf.

Can The One Stop Problem Shop Help with this?

Yes, we are able to assist in the application for a digital certificate and accompany you to the relevant place for verification of identity. Contact us on whatsapp for an appointment. We are also able to retain a copy, to act on your behalf if you are not in Tenerife and a problem arises or due to a language barrier.

Does a digital certificate help if i have problems with my Bank?

No, a digital certificate is only useable in government bodies sites, where you see the ” SEDE ELECTRONICA BANNER ” such as Hacienda, Ayuntamiento, Seguridad Social but does not cover Private bodies. For this a General Power of Attorney would be required.

At The One Stop Problem Shop we can assist with if required. Please get in touch using the links below if you require our assistance.

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