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Greetings every-one.  Please allow me to introduce myself, Emma Swain, as the new owner of The One Stop Problem Shop.  Having lived in Tenerife for many years, 16 of which have been running a successful family business in Las Chafiras, I am ready to take on this new challenge and share my experience and knowledge with you.

I will continue to offer all the services you have come to expect which will be delivered to the highest possible standard.  Having been educated in the UK and Tenerife I am bi-lingual with vast knowledge in this field, and as official Trafico collaborator, my aim is to take away the stress when dealing with the red tape associated with private and public governing bodies, making your bureaucratic dealings, hassle free.

I am genuinely excited to be taking over the helm at the One Stop Problem Shop and my trusty team and I look forward to continuing to help and assist all the existing clients and hopefully meet many new ones along the way.

We will, of course, keep you in the loop by continuing to update the website and post on social media platforms, but if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us on the link below.

Kindest regards,

Emma Swain

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