Brexit, Green Residence certificates and TIEs after Brexit

Those already registered here in Tenerife will at some point over the next year (2020) have to change their police registration document (properly called a Certificado de Registro but also known as a green NIE, green card, residencia, Green certificate) to a third-country nationals’ card, the TIE (tarjeta ID extranjeros). At the time of writing (16/1/20) NO ONE yet knows what the system will be in detail OR when it will come into effect, but information will be published when that becomes known.

* Those who are not yet registered will have until the end of this year to do so (31/12/2020) … BUT … after 31 January there are no guarantees that the qualifying criteria will remain as they are currently, where British citizens are treated as EU member state citizens.

* It is therefore vital to register before 31 January if at all possible … BUT … those who register are those who are coming here to live, and the registration is itself a formal declaration that the person is living in Spain or intends to live in Spain from this point on

* British nationals who just want to retain EU advantages for free movement after Brexit when they just visit for a few months or so at a time sadly simply cannot do so. This is because they cannot register as residents unless they are prepared to make a fraudulent statement to the Spanish immigration authorities that they are living permanently in Spain when they are not

* As things stand, the UK has a transition period which ends on 31 December this year. After this period, British nationals will become subject to the Schengen area restriction of 90 days in a rolling 180 day period. They will not need a visa. Those who are legally resident in Spain (ie registered with the police) will obviously not be considered “visitors” for these purposes.

I will publish updates here but reliable information can be obtained here (scroll down page) and here and here