Dealing with your local town hall

You will almost certainly have to deal with the local town hall at some point. They vary slightly in the way they do things from place to place, but the underlying procedures are the same. You may go to the town hall itself or you can often transact business at sub offices nearer to where you live, particularly for the costal regions. They will deal with the census (padron) information, and will issue Certificados de empadronamiento and Certificados de convivencia, opening licences for local traders, planning permissions, small works licences, “Vado permanente”, etc etc., In a seperate but often nearby …

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Recreational Fishing Permits

These can be applied for via the local town hall but they take quite a few days, so you may not get it before your holiday ends!.. if you go to Santa Cruz (weekdays before 1pm) the licence will be issued on the spot. Application form here . Form to pay the fee here, address of the office: Avda. de Anaga, 35, Edf. Usos Múltiples I, 11ª planta 38001, Santa Cruz de Tenerife – Tfno. 922.47.50.00 – Fax 922.24.68.43 if you are in the south of Tenerife there is also a local Fishing club who are happy to help visitors

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