The New Normal

Today 2 May 2020, the Spanish Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, has given a press conference appearance with a ” message of hope ” after seeing how the curve of Covid 19 cases is decreasing.

The Prime Minister has indicated that next Wednesday (6 May) the Council of Ministers will propose another two week extension to the state of emergency due to Coronavirus and seek approval for the measure in the Congress of Deputies.

The further de-escalation of confinement which comprises of four phases (including the current phase 0) begins next Monday, May 4, although we have already seen today some relaxation of confinement measures to include exercise and non professional sporting activities for all groups, but to be undertaken within strict guidelines (Link to legislation here )

As part of the Plan for the transition to a new normality Sánchez indicated that from May 4 “it will be mandatory to use face masks on public transport  and more masks will be distributed.

The president said that “restaurants and cafes will be allowed to let customers pick up food for consumption at home as of May 4, having ordered it previously by ‘phone or email.”

Initially other retail premises will be able to reopen to attend to the public via an appointment system. A single client dealt with by a single worker and there will have to be a preferential schedule for at risk groups.

Professional sports activities will also begin , where they will be able to carry out individual training at the club’s facilities.

Phase 1

Pedro Sánchez said that from Monday there will be four islands only in Spanish territory that will pass more quickly to  phase 1, Formentera, La Gomera, El Hierro and La Graciosa. Other regions will be assessed on pandemic results before transitioning to the next phase.

The Prime Minister also spoke of financial measures to be announced that this Sunday to the presidents of the various autonomous communities, that will approve a reconstruction fund of some 16,000 million euros, non-refundable so that no region is left behind regardless of the impact the pandemic has had.