Sickness Benefits: How will periods of preventive isolation for COVID-19 be considered

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Temporary disability: information for workers

1)How will periods of preventive isolation be considered in COVID-19 processes?
These periods will be considered as temporary incapacity due to a common illness for financial benefits purposes, regardless of treatment , to be treated as an exceptional addition to the contingency of work accidents.

2)Who will issue the withdrawal, confirmation and registration documents (Sick Notes) in the COVID-19 processes? What will be the method of communicating in these cases?
The issuance of the withdrawal, confirmation and discharge documents (sick notes) will be the responsibility of the Public Health Service of the Autonomous Community, to which the worker is linked depending on their domicile. (Telephone your GP surgery for clarification)
Despite being regarded in the common disease category, they will be treated, only for economic purposes, the same as the rules derived from an accident at work, except in those cases where it is shown that the disease has been contracted solely by the performance of said work, in the terms provided in the General Law of Social Security.

3)Who is responsible for the payment of temporary disability in these cases?
The full salary on the day of discharge will be paid by the employer, regardless of whether or not there had been an effective work benefit on the day of medical leave.
From the next day, the temporary disability will be in charge of the entity that protects the professional contingency of the company’s workers.

4)Who will be in charge of providing healthcare and controlling sick notes in these cases?
Health care and control of sick notes will be carried out by the Public Health Service.

5)What will be the date applicable to the event causing temporary disability due to COVID-19? What happens to cases prior to the entry into force of RDL 6/2020, of March 10?
The date of the causative event will be the one in which the isolation or illness of the worker is agreed, without prejudice to the fact that the leave is issued after that date.
 For those periods of isolation or illness that occurred prior to the entry into force of Royal Decree-Law 6/2020, of March 10 (date of entry into force: March 12, 2020), the application of the above is It will be produced retroactively to the date on which isolation has been agreed or the disease diagnosed. So the economic benefit for temporary disability that would have been caused at that first moment should be considered as a situation assimilated to an accident at work