Changes to Social Security and Autonomos (Self Employed)

If  you struggle with Spanish and you are an “autonomo”  – a self-employed person, you may not understand a text you have received  from the Social Security recently – something like this one 

The text directs you to a website here 

Individual letters are also being sent out which detail the same information as on the website.

In a nutshull from the 1st of October all self-employed workers must carry out all their procedures involving the Spanish Social Security electronically, including receiving and signing any notifications. The system has been in place since the 1st of March 2018 but the 6 months transition period will expire on the 1st October 2018.

In order to do this yourself you will have to have access to a computer or smart phone and also have a recognised means of identification.

It is important that you deal with this before the October 2018 deadline.

There are two ways;

You can use the “Sistema RED” or ” Sede Electrónica de la Seguridad Social (SEDESS)”

The Sistema RED is used by registered employment professionals to act on your behalf, undertaking transactions like “altas” (starting self or worker employment ) and bajas” (ending self  or worker employment) or making changes to amounts of contributions for example. If you do not feel confident doing this yourself you should search for and contract an Assesor laboral if you do not already have one.

What do you need to be able to access services at SEDESS if you choose to deal with the social security yourself directly via the Sede Electrónica de la Seguridad Social (SEDESS) ?

A Self-employed person must have an authentication system in place that guarantees their identity.

There are different authentication systems supported in the SEDESS that allow access to services.

  • An electronic Certificate recognised by the Social Security. (Recommended because you can use it for other administrations as well) How to apply for this is explained here.
  • A Spanish National’s  electronic DNI (Not an option for Expats)
  • The Cl @ ve System (either Cl @ ve PIN or Cl @ ve Permanente) –  (however this system does not currently allow access to the service of consulting and signing Telematic Notifications). How to apply for this is explained here and here.